15 Songs to Banish the Blues Away

15 Songs to Banish the Blues Away

Have you ever just been just sad and you’re trying to get in a better mood? I’ve picked 15 songs that have cheered me up over the years and help me get back to being myself.  Maybe they will do the same for you!

#1. Happy- Pharrell
You have to admit the Despicable Me song can get you up and smile with the catchy beat and the thought of minions in your head.

#2. Can’t Stop the Feeling- Justin Timberlake
Another animated movie song that will get you up and dancing with no cares in the world.

#3. Hey Ya!- Outkast
Oh! A classic song that almost everyone knows the lyrics too. It will bring many generations together and be “Alright, Alright, Alright, Alright..” 

#4. Big Green Tractor- Jason Aldean
Another oldie but goodie that will put a little yeehaw smile on your face while talking about a tractor that you may not own but will want after you play it on repeat.

#5 Lift Yourself- Kanye West
You have to give it up to Yeezus himself that this song has “bars” with his upbeat music to lift your spirits.

#6. thank u, next- Ariana Grande
The Powerhouse of a voice Ariana Grande made a song that thanking her ex-boyfriends with the lessons that taught her throughout the years.

#7. ABC- Jackson 5
Now this song right here has the nostalgia that will make you sing the ABC’s and count your numbers.

#8. Dancing Queen- ABBA
ABBA’s Dancing Queen will make you want to get up and jive to the classic song that we love from the movie musical Mama Mia.

#9. Cheap Thrills- Sia
This song has a good message of having as much fun as you can by dancing. This is going to get you out of that funk and getting down to the beat with anyone

#10. Replay-Iyaz
“Shortie” this melody will want you to do what the title says “replay.” It is a great song that will warm your heart on the love story that Iyaz is singing about.

#11. All Star- Smash Mouth
This rockin’ hit by Smash Mouth will tell you “hey now, you’re an All-star” and get your head bopping.

#12. Ice Ice Baby- Vanilla Ice
“Collaborate and Listen; Ice is back” with this old classic rap song that can get everyone on their feet rapping the lyrics.

#13. Latch- Disclosure, Sam Smith
“I’m latching on,” to this song! This song has a nice beat that wants you to get up and dance will a big smile on your face.

#14. no tears left to cry- Ariana Grande
Another song by Miss. Grande will lift your spirits by “pickin’ it up, pickin’ up, lovin’, livin’, so we turning up..”

#15. Stereo Hearts- Gym Class Heros and Adam Levine
The last song on this feel-good playlist is an excellent example of them picking your spirits. “My hearts a stereo; so turn me up when you feel low..” Turn this song up if you feel low because it will you feel better.