Venom: Movie Review


Griffin Prince

Great actors, check. Awe-inspiring characters, check. Amazing plot and special effects, check. Columbia Pictures’ and Marvel’s new film “Venom” has checked out to be one of the biggest hits of the year. The movie attracted Marvel fans of all ages with it’s dark and evil appeal, and for good reason too.

Tom Hardy stars as the main role, taking on the character of Eddie Brock, a news reporter that can’t seem to keep his mouth shut and always wants justice for the people. Hardy is not new to the villain scene, though, as he has also played in the Batman series as Bane. The actor’s performance did not seem to dip during this movie, giving audiences a very memorable character to the Marvel universe.

The movie starts out with Eddie taking on the task of interviewing a corrupt CEO that will do anything to make more money, Carlton Drake. When Eddie finds out about these intentions, he confronts Drake mid-interview and gets multiple threats sent his way. This live outburst left Eddie jobless, homeless, and single. But his determination gets the best of him, as he decides to go check out what is behind the company for himself. This movie has a great way of making you feel for the characters. At times, you feel like it is yourself going through these situations and not just characters in a movie.

The special effects and CGI used throughout the film play a major role in making this film into what it is. The technology used to turn Eddie into Venom is absolutely stellar, and it made fight scenes almost seem like real life. Though the role of Venom did seem a little unfair, honestly. Most of the fight scenes were just Venom throwing and beating everyone that tried to stop him with no real challenge, but that did not stop them from being any more enjoyable.

After being told countless flaws about Venom, I was still shocked at how well the movie turned out. The movie left me shocked, asking many questions about how and why it ended how it did. Eye-catching visuals, great characters, and amazing plot development allowed this movie to show the true story of yet another Marvel storyline. Despite constant doubt, Venom surprised many Marvel fans with a very memorable experience that will not be forgotten anytime soon.