8 Ways to Help you Study for an Exam

8 Ways to Help you Study for an Exam

Rebekah Parks, Staff Writer

As we closely approach the end of the semester here are eight tips and tricks to help you study for any upcoming tests.

Most kids don’t plan enough time to study and try to cram it in the last minute for it to be “fresh on my mind.” If you can take some time to study for a period, you can slowly work up the full understanding of specific formulas, events, or procedures.

#2. Organize your papers and workspace
If you organize your papers and workspace, you are more likely to be relaxed instead of overwhelmed by all the work.

#3. Study with some friends
Study groups can be beneficial to many people. In study groups, you can be able to get help or help others. If everyone can pitch in there help, then everyone will learn at least one thing.

#4. Take a break
Taking breaks between subjects and objectives will help you get a better understanding of what’s what. If you are studying history and you are learning about certain events during World War II, and you start jumbling up when Germany invades Poland and when Germany invades Denmark you should take a tiny break and regroup. You can’t learn if you are frustrated so go into a different room or do a small task to get your mind off of whatever you are studying.

#5. Snacks! Eat some food!
As a food junkie myself, food is known for helping students focus. Eating food (snack foods not full course meals) and study allows students to study better since they can’t wander off on what they can eat or what are they going to have for dinner.

#6. Listen to catchy music
Listen to Catchy Music for you to remember parts that you may struggle on.” When did Columbus sail the ocean blue again? Kiki do love me…. oh yeah, it was 1492.”

#7 Connect details to personal stories
Connecting specific details with memories will help remember something quicker because you remember memories faster than facts.

#8. Rewrite the notes
Rewriting the notes well let see the notes again and hopefully, you will remember writing the notes down either the first or second time.