What’s Poppin’ In StuCo?


Mychal Shed, Staff Writer

 The StuCo Gazette

Man oh man, it feels like ages since we have last met, have you missed me? You don’t have to answer that question because I am pretty certain I already know that you did! However, just in case you didn’t happen to notice I was missing I have a few events to inform you on, that have recently taken place. I know it has been a while but you know the drill, sit back, relax, and allow me to give you a recap of the recent events that have taken place within your Teague High student council.

Allow me to transport you back in time to the week of September 24th through the 28th. That week in its entirety was nothing to write home about, however, that Thursday brought about excitement and zing amongst the student body, the faculty, and even members of the community as we all pitched into potential save the lives of 252 adults, and 504 babies! In case you are lost and are thinking to yourself that I am mad. Stop thinking that because I am not, what I am referring to is our school sponsored blood drive that took place on September 27th. We were able to accumulate 84 pints of blood out of the 104 people who attempted to donate! These numbers were absolutely baffling, yet compelling to us as we rejoiced in accomplishment once we heard the news. We were 4 people and 14 pints over our projected goals in those two categories. It would have been an astonishing feat if we would’ve been 100%, but I understand how physically challenging that can be when a large number people are trying to give; having no prior knowledge if they are even capable of doing so or not. So with that being said, we were grateful for our results and very, very appreciative of the people who gave and even to the ones who attempted to but couldn’t for whatever reason. From the student council workers all the way to the top chairperson of Carter Blood Care, on behalf of Teague’s Student Council, we thank everyone who had a part to play in making our blood drive another success!

What’s that, you want to come back to the present day? Alright let us leap into this current week and allow me to catch you up, no mustard (*inserts cool & smirking emojis*). Anyways if you recall last time we linked up I partially spoke on the Student Council District Convention we were hosting, and how the date was quickly creeping up on us. Well believe it or not but the day finally came and it was time to see if all of our hard work would cause us to drown or swim! By Divine grace, we did the latter, and the convention resulted in a huge success. From the beginning, shouting ‘G-O-O-D M-O-R-N-I-N-G’ to EVERY school that showed up, to the cleaning up after the convention was over, it was truly a special time and we enjoyed every minute of it. Our guest speaker, Kent Johnston, was incredibly inspiring and the breakout sessions that took place afterward were full of valuable information which allowed the 500+ students at the convention to take something back to their schools and attempt to implement it in their school district as well!

It is insane to think that this much stuff has been on and poppin in student council, but you better believe it! We go 100 mph every day of the week as we strive daily to live up to our motto: “To Serve Is To Lead”, and that’s exactly what we do! It’s never too late to join us, and it’s never too late to become a leader! With that being said, I’m out; I hope you’re all caught up on What’s Poppin’ In StuCo, and I’ll be back next week. Until next time my peeps, stay blessed, and stay true to you! One Love.