Lady Lion Volleyball is “Killing” the District


Rebekah Parks, Staff Writer

After a rough start in preseason, the lady lions have found their mojo at the start of district. The lady lions have won the first five games in district play and are they are crushing their competition.

In the preseason, Coach Montalvo left the girls with some valuable advice, “We had a rough start to our season but like I kept telling them those were preseason games and when district starts everyone back to 0-0.”

They jumped into the first round of district with a fire under them and beat all five teams that they have faced in the past three weeks.

Senior, Zareya Nelms, is ecstatic about the recent success, “I am very proud of this team, we have shown what hard work can do, and hopefully we can keep it up.”

The team has been showing great success early this district play, and as approaching the second round of district, they hope to finish in a good spot for playoffs.

The Lady Lion Volleyball team is now a threat to be messing with like Coach Montalvo said: “I have been telling my girls now we are the team to beat…. and everyone wants to beat us!”

Their next game that will be on Friday at Frankston at 4:30