What’s Poppin’ In StuCo?


Mychal Shed

The StuCo Gazette


Well, well, well, we meet again, huh? I’m back with yet another weekly recap of the events that went down within your wonderful and caring Teague High School Student Council. So if you and Patrick Star were under a rock having the times of your lives, allow me to fill you in on what happened this past week in vol. 3 of What’s Poppin’ In StuCo?

This week was an absolute blur, to be honest, but Monday… man let me tell you about those Monday’s – they arrive early, and then overstay their unwelcomed invitation way too long. This past Monday was the exact same way. It pushed the lovely Sunday away and preceded to last a whole 2 days (not really, but you get my point.) After an uneventful 2 days, Tuesday was upon us, and finally, she brought aspiration and adventure in comparison to the last few weeks. At 8:30 am sharp, the entire leadership class along with the officers piled into the 2 Suburbans and carted off to Waco, TX for the ‘2018 Great Leadership Program’ hosted by Carter Bloodcare! Mrs. Waldrip and I were the only two who knew what to expect, so we agreed to sit in silence while the other members debated in asked questions about what was in store for hem in their near future. On the way to Waco, the car I rode in, was full of good jams involving many different genres of music. I don’t know about the other car, but I know they were NOT as live as us because we were the ‘Kool Kidz’… (*inserts cool emoji*.)

We arrived safely at the center and were greeted by friendly and familiar faces, as they escorted us to the room where we would be for the majority of the day. As we started a lot of the members were nervous, or still sleepy, whichever one it was I just knew we had to get the conversation flowing; so I did what I do best: started to talk. Before you knew it the room was flowing with conversation and we were having ourselves a great time! The games, food, and tour we all lovely and we definitely bonded and became closer as a council. Sadly it all came to an end and when we were headed back to the grand city of Teague, Texas; but before we hit the road we had to stop at the glamorous 3 spoons frozen yogurt place and grab a quick snack. We woke up the next day to life and fresh air, however that is really all Wednesday had to offer in regards to student council. Thursday we had a full student council meeting and it flowed smoothly as we talked a lot of new business such as the blood drive September 27th and our trash pickup September 29th, and the members finally got to pick committee groups they will participate in for the remainder of the school year. Friday brought joy and rest as we welcomed, yet another weekend with open arms and a bright and contagious smile!

Well, my friends, as the old Looney Tunes show would say when an episode ended: ‘That’s All Folks!’ I thank you for your time this week and be on the lookout for more upcoming news on What’s Poppin’ In StuCo. Until next we meet again next time stay blessed, and stay true to you! One Love.