Toilet Doodles


Griffin Prince

On the first day of school, many elementary children were surprised to see paintings scattered throughout the bathrooms. Over the summer, a local Teague alumni, Stacie Aclin, took on the task of painting inspirational murals all throughout the elementary school’s bathrooms.


Here is some of my interview with her:


Q: “Why did you decide to paint all of the murals?”


A: “I decided to paint all the murals because I wanted to do something to give the kids a little hope and love when us mommas, dads, grandparents, family can’t be there to hug them when they are sad, frustrated, or down.”


Q: “What do you think it will do for the children?”


A: “I think it will inspire them and let them know that someone is trying to give them encouragement. Also, it will help them to see they can overcome the obstacles that will happen in life and every day. Plus, they have the strength in themselves to do it!”


Q: “Was it a charitable project or were you asked to do it?”


A: “I was asked by Kristin Skinner to do some motivational murals in the bathrooms for the kids. We collaborated together and decided what we wanted word-wise.”


Q: “What do you hope the outcome of this project will be?”


A: “I pray and hope that it will give some motivation to the kids, especially on those days that are not going quite as they expected or if they are a little sad. I hope that it will help them stay positive and know they can do whatever they put their minds to.”