Whats’s Poppin’ In StuCo?


Mychal Shed, Staff Writer

The StuCo Gazette


Hey, hey hey, we are back and better with more information on What’s Poppin’ In StuCo! As we all know, this week was short lived by it only being a 4-day jail sentence instead of the full 5 days which is the norm for us… wait, did I say jail sentence again? Ughh I promise, I’m working on that, what I meant to say was, “School week”, but you get the idea, we only had 4 days of school! So I know you all are probably thinking that I don’t have too much to say, but boy aren’t you wrong. Just sit back, relax, and allow me to give you a little insight on the weekly recap of your Teague High School Student Council!

As you know we all skipped the dreaded Monday and caught up with the beloved mistress, Tuesday. However, the day didn’t have much to offer within student council as it was a little plain and slow; the only action that was going on was the wonderful morning greetings. Wednesday showed a little more promise as we announced who the 2018-2019 new class officers were! I want to personally congratulate all the newly elected officers, and I hope that you lead your respected classes with dignity and honor! Back on track though, Wednesday came and went and once again, Thursday was the day to look forward to within student council! So Thursday rolled around, and boy was it eventful! The student council officers, Mrs. Waldrip, and Mr. Hamilton all traveled to Waco, Tx to attend the ‘Student Council District 6 Officer Schools Meeting’, held at Ninfa’s Mexican Restaurant. They enjoyed the gift shop that is attached to the restaurant and had a good time bonding together of crazy sock writings and classical coffee mugs. How does that sound appealing? Beats me, man! Anywho, it was time for the actual meeting to get started and the host school started with icebreakers, to lighten the mood. Of course, the only thing everybody had on their mind was their food, but it wasn’t time to eat yet, so icebreakers would have to suffice. When the food came it was delicious, the meeting went well, and the games allowed for bonding time with new members from different councils; so, all in all, it was a successful trip. However, that was only the first part of the day!

After they finished up in Waco, they all piled back into the suburbans, and shot off to Temple! The next destination in sight? The Frank W. Mayborn Convention Center. This is where the first FULL district 6 student council meeting will be held to bring in the new year. This event is expected to have at least 400-500 students present, and your very own student council will be hosting this event! Therefore, in order to get a visual of how everything would be set up, they took a trip to Temple and got everything worked out without any blemishes! That meeting lasted about an hour and before you knew it, it was time to head back to good ole’ Teague, but… just one more stop had to be made before that could happen. If you guessed they stopped at Buc-ee’s than you are absolutely correct. NOW the trip was officially over and the officers and advisors traveled back home feeling accomplished and anxious within the same breaths!


Well hey ladies and gentlemen, that wraps up the second week of ‘What’s Poppin In StuCo?’. Be on the lookout next week as the Student Council Leadership class travels back to Waco to attend the ‘Great Leaders Program’, on September 11th! Until next time, stay blessed, and stay true to you! One Love.