Get to Know the New Athletic Trainer


This is Coach Mak decked out in his Teague Athletic gear before heading out to football practice.

Rebekah Parks, Staff Writer

This is Coach Mak decked out in his Teague Athletic gear before heading out to football practice.

This is Tanner Maksymicz, as known as Coach Mak, the new head athletic trainer for Teague High School and Junior High. Coach Mak is from the grand state of Indiana and went to undergraduate school at Purdue then continued his education at Western Illinois as a graduate assistant trainer for a couple years before coming to Teague.

Q: Why did this type of work interest you?

A: I have had an interest in Athletic Training since high school, where I had a health careers class taught by a former Athletic Trainer who really got me interested in the field. My interest grew while at Purdue University throughout my years in the undergraduate program, where I knew that I wanted to make Athletic Training my lifelong career. I have always enjoyed the health/medical field, so pursuing a career in that field was only fitting.
Q: Did you decide to go into a different field before following this career?

A: Not really – before I was set on Athletic Training as my career goal and enrolling into Purdue’s Athletic Training Education Program, I was initially going to major in Movement & Sports Science, but made my switch to Athletic Training before beginning my freshman year began.

A: When I was an Athletic Training Student at Purdue, I knew I wanted to work with an athletic population, but I wasn’t quite sure whether the high school, collegiate, or clinical setting would fit me best. It wasn’t until graduate school when I put a lot of thought into where I wanted to begin and decided to focus on the high school setting to begin my career.
Q: What are your thoughts on Teague since you’ve been here?
A: Teague is a good fit – I like the small town feel with the big athletic presence. The community is second to none and the student-athletes are very hard workers. I am really looking forward to being a part of this tight-knit group.
Q: What is your favorite part of Athletic Training?
A: My favorite part of Athletic Training is being able to watch a student-athlete progress from initial injury to returning to play. There are plenty of other aspects of Athletic Training that I enjoy, but returning a student-athlete back to competition and practice is the most fulfilling.