What’s Poppin’ In StuCo?


Mychal Shed, Staff Writer

The StuCo Gazette


Have you ever just thought to yourself, “Hmm, I wonder what’s going on in Student Council? No? Well, have you not heard? The student council is what’s in this year! However, if you were wondering about what’s going on sit back, relax, and allow me to give you a little insight on the weekly agenda of your Teague High School Student Council!

Think about the one school day most of us dread ever so dearly; and hold on to your answer. Alright, your time’s up, if you answered Monday then you are like 99.9% of the students AND TEACHERS that attend Teague High School, (that was a fake statistic by the way). You get the gist though, Monday’s are crucial, but this week it was a little different. The day brought positive vibes and radiant energy into the week as the student council officers began to prepare for the first student council meeting of the school year, that took place this past Thursday. It was a short day, however, on the account that the eight-hour jail sentence, also known as a school day, went by in a blur and before you knew it… you saw student council members doing their Tuesday morning greetings around school! Sadly, though that is the only highlight Tuesday had, as it was an incredibly slow and dull day. Wednesday was the same, except for the fact that the big day was following it, so everybody was making sure they were ready for the moment! Well, you know what happened next? The moment arrived, and to say the least, it was a great moment if you ask me. ‘Friday Eve’, or Thursday, came and went in the blink of an eye, and the full student council meeting was obviously the highlight of the day! The numbers were way higher than expected, and the first meeting foreshadowed a promising year within the organization! Hopefully, the participation level remains high and the passion to serve remains even higher. Thank goodness Friday ended the week on a high note, the stress was off for the moment, and the peaceful glimpse and snippets of the weekend schemes were slowly formulating into beautiful memories as the school prepared to enjoy its 3 day weekend!

Well hey ladies and gentlemen, that wraps up the first week of ‘What’s Poppin In StuCo?’. Be on the lookout for big moves being made next week as the student council officers, Mr. Hamilton, and Mrs. Waldrip travel to Waco and then to Temple to take care of some important business! That’s all for now until next time, stay blessed, and stay true to you! One Love.