Senior Spotlight: Abraham Zamora


Dillon Baggs, Staff Writer

Abraham Zamora is a Senior enrolled at THS. Attending TISD since Pre-K, he is involved in several extracurricular activities, including the National Honor Society, Concert and Marching Band, and UIL. Zamora has advanced to the State level in Solo and Ensemble, earning a 1 for his performance on the snare drum, as well as the Current Events UIL event, placing 7th in the state of Texas for 3A. Zamora is committed to the University of Texas in Arlington, planning to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing.


Q: Do you have anyone you would like to thank or recognize anyone for helping you achieve these prestigious accomplishments?  

A: For the musical aspect of my accomplishments, I would like to thank Nick Gibson for kick-starting my passion for drumming, and those along the way who pushed me to try harder.


Q: What makes you so passionate about the band?

A: The enjoyment I see on the faces of my audiences whenever I perform, and the sense of accomplishment from any awards or opportunities that I have received.


Q: What instrument, if any, would you want to learn?

A: Probably the saxophone if I am being honest, I love the versatility of the instrument and Jazz has always captured my attention.


Q: Any advice for future band members and percussionist?

A: Practice, practice practice, do not rely on just the class to get where you want to be. I was not naturally talented at percussion, I had to work to get to where I am today.


Q: Do you think you will continue playing in college?

A: Yes, I plan on auditioning for the UTA drumline in August. I will play the snare if I make it.


Q: What is your favorite memory of being a part of the band?

A: Finally earning the 1st division on my solo at State Solo and Ensemble. Seeing my hard work accumulate into a prestigious award isn’t a feeling you can replicate.


Q: Why did you choose nursing?

A: I get a sense of fulfillment from helping people, and nurses are always needed, so it only made sense for me to choose this field.


Q: Are you excited to attend UTA? Was it your first choice or was there another college you wanted to attend?

A: I am very excited to start at UTA, I toured the campus recently and the amenities they offered are amazing. UTA was my first choice, I have been set on going there ever since I saw their marching band perform at one of our band competitions a few years ago.


Q: How do you feel about moving to Arlington and being on your own?

A: I am nervous but very excited to experience college life and live on my own, it will help me mature and become an adult.