Senior Spotlight: Geordan Padgett

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Senior Spotlight: Geordan Padgett

Declyn Shelton, Staff Writer

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Geordan Padgett, who is that? The answer lies in the man himself, so I decided to ask a few questions to get to know this senior and his future plans.

Q: What do you want to do after graduation?

A: I am going to join the army and go to college to major culinary arts and minor in computer science.

Q: Why do you want to pursue this path?

A: I want to join the Army so that I may honor my grandfather, who fought in the Vietnam War, and my family can’t afford college expenses. As for college, I love cooking because of my grandmother and I have been interacting with computers since I was 2.

Q: What’s your favorite high school memory?

A:My favorite memory was going with the band to state in marching. I’m not very involved in extracurricular activities, so going with the band to state filled me with a sense of pride.

Geordan Padgett – I hope will do great things and we wish you the best!