New NHS officers are elected

Kaitlin Villa, Staff Writer

The 2018-19 NHS officers were recently chosen and announced for next school year. The officer candidates go through a process for elections including an application consisting of the position the candidate wishes to obtain, general information, short answers, and an essay explaining how he/she exemplifies the four pillars of NHS. After careful review and consideration by the faculty council, the candidates are chosen and placed under the officer position they best fit and interest. Next school year’s NHS officers are:

President- Graysie Myers
Graysie will be responsible for leading monthly meetings, creating new projects, and assisting officers with their responsibilities.

Vice President- Chandler Rodgers
Chandler will be responsible for sending reminds to NHS members about upcoming meetings and important information, as well as assisting the president in what she may need.

Treasurer- Makenzie Aldrich
Makenzie will be responsible for accounting the NHS budget, hosting fundraisers, and informing NHS members of the monetary balance.

Secretary- Ivan Zambrano
Ivan will be responsible for keeping meeting minutes, tending to attendance roll, and keeping up with everyone’s service hours.

Parliamentarian- Mychal Shed
Mychal will be responsible for ensuring that NHS members are following the guidelines of NHS such as maintaining a well involved membership.

Historian – Becca Davenport

Becca will be in charge of communication over the chapter, as well as taking pictures of the organization’s events.


Each of the elected officers will be wonderful leaders of the NHS and will bring great things to the organization, community, and school!