Senior Lasts

Class of 2018 are wrapping it up

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Senior Lasts

Marcus Williams, Staff Writer

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As school comes to a close, seniors are counting down the days until they walk across the stage, closing one chapter of their lives and opening yet another.  Before this day comes there are a few last things seniors have to take part in.  While some will be attending the same college, there are many that will be going their separate ways and possibly never to return.  With these last days as a high school student approaching, it is crucial to make as many memories as possible, so one day, they can be reminisced.

For some procrastinating seniors struggling to make college deadlines, keeping up with these important “senior lasts” dates can be a hassle.  For that reason, the leadership class put together a calendar to keep everyone on the same page.  Seniors are encouraged to participate in as many of these events as possible because it is in fact true that there will come a time when we all won’t be in the same town, the same school, and the same class.

The schedule for the last days of the class of 2018 are as follows:

  • Thursday, May 17 @5:30pm ~ Senior Awards
  • Friday, May 18 ~ Senior “Fun Day”
  • Monday, May 21 @9:30am ~ Senior Walk
  • Wednesday, May 23 @5:30pm ~ Senior Picnic
  • Thursday, May 31 @12 noon ~ Senior Luncheon – 8th Avenue
  • Friday, June 1 @9:30am ~ Graduation Practice ~ @10:30am ~ Senior Brunch – First Baptist ~ @8:00pm ~ Graduation/Farewell