6 Things To Do This Summer When You Get Bored

Madison Norvell, Staff Writer

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Summer is rolling around and we are all very excited! No school, warm weather and lots of sleeping in. Unfortunately, after about two weeks I get so bored. So, over the past couple of summers I have conducted a list of things to do in the summer to keep from being bored.

  1. Re-Decorate / Rearrange your Room

-This is the prime time to take on a project like this. You’ve got loads of time and when you’re done you’ll feel so much better about your space.

  1. Go to the Teague Railroad Museum

-I know, what interesting things could come of that? There isn’t just railroad history, there is all types of history about our town.

  1. Go get Cefco Icees at least once a week

-Do I even have to explain?

  1. Make your dream music playlist

-You have about 3 months to make an amazing playlist that can go with every mood. It is time consuming to find music you really like, so start now!

  1. Have a photo shoot

-It sounds silly , but this is actually so fun. Teague has a bunch of cool backgrounds to go with pictures. I recommend downtown.

  1. Start and Finish a new TV series

-You can’t be active all the time. A little TV is necessary and trusty Netflix has your back on this! Get one of your friends to watch with you so that you can have someone to gossip to about all the characters.