Teague’s Student Council Elects 2018-19 Officers


Marcus Williams, Staff Writer

As the school year comes to a close, the time for new officers to be elected has arrived.  To be an officer in any school organization requires one to be fully committed to the jobs required and asked of them.  Leadership is key and vital in being the example and role model for people under your leadership to follow.  Commitment is the most important attribute to have; it shows that you are dedicated to the betterment of yourself as a leader and the progression of your organization.

Student Council elections were held recently and the new officers have already started planning for ways to improve student life and involvement for the upcoming school year.  Student Council as a whole is an umbrella organization of students and schools that accepts diversity and embraces excellence.  Student Council not only raises the bar, it sets the bar.

The 2018-19 officers of the Student Council are as follows:

  • Mychal Shed ~ President
  • Macy Guerrero ~ Vice President
  • Ashley Davenport ~ Safety Director
  • Isaiah Bell ~ Treasurer
  • Cody Fowler ~ Parliamentarian
  • Hana Wills ~ Historian
  • Jaucy Gibson ~ Secretary

Best of luck to these new officers as they take on the task of making the world a better place, one act at a time!