2018-19 Student Council Officers

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Recently, Student Council elected their officers for the 2018-19 school year. The officers were elected based upon their teacher evaluations, student vote, and points earned for participating and helping out with student council.

The new officers are junior Mychal Shed (President), sophomore Macy Guerrero (Vice President), sophomore Jaucelyn Gibson (Secretary), junior Isaiah Bell (Treasurer), sophomore Cody Fowler (Parliamentarian), sophomore Hana Wills (Historian), and freshman Ashley Davenport (Safety Director).

“I’m really excited about the new student council officers. Mychal Shed is the only returning officer, so it will be a year of bonding and learning how to work with each other,” advisor Gayle Waldrip said.

Being an officer is a really important and difficult job, but that didn’t discourage the new officers.

“I always knew I wanted to be in student council and once I joined, I instantly fell in love! I was really excited to become an officer because it’s giving me a chance to experience leadership at a new level. I can’t wait to see what this years student council has in store for me,” Safety Director Ashley Davenport said.

Some people think that having new officers is scary and challenging, but others use that as motivation.

“Already being a student council officer my junior year was a huge accomplishment for me, but becoming the Student Council President my senior year really warmed my heart,” President Mychal Shed said. “I plan to keep up the tradition of student council that was laid out by the seniors ahead of me, as well as improve the areas I feel are slacking. I’m ready to see what next years student council can do to impact our school, as well as our community.”