‘Truth or Dare’: Scare or Bust?

'Truth or Dare': Scare or Bust?

Micah Thompson, Staff Writer

The thriller, Truth or Dare, was released April 13, 2018, and has been a trending topic. Over 80% of the people who have watched the movie, have a positive review and liked the movie. Unfortunately, 20% of the people disliked the movie, preferably the conclusion altered their perception of the movie.

The overall summary of the movie – A group of kids goes on a trip to Mexico during spring break. After hitting the clubs and drinking, Olivia, one of the main characters, meets a man that convinces them of hanging out after the parties and playing a game of Truth or Dare. Unexpectedly, a terrible twist comes the game and follows the players throughout the life.

A total of $24,320,150 has been made in the sales of this movie, globally. This lump sum is increasing daily and weekly as the suspicion of the kids will survive or not.

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