Athlete Q&A: Abril Arrezola

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Athlete Q&A: Abril Arrezola


Jazmin Morales, Staff Writer

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Q: How long have you played softball, and why softball?

A: Freshman year was my first time ever playing softball. I played because I wanted to participate in every sport I could, so I said why not.

Q: What position(s) do you play?

A: I have played a variety of positions throughout my high school career. I started out in left field, moved to right field; now I currently play center field. I also switch to second base and a little of first due to the fact we are low on players and I have to step up to the plate.

Q: What is your favorite position to play, and why?

A: My favorite position is to play in the outfield because I enjoy it and it gives me more time to react to the ball. I like the infield too because there is more action, but it is very nerve wrecking!

Q: How do you feel about making playoffs and this being your last go-round?

A: I’m glad we made playoffs because it is my senior year, yet shocked we did because of how many players we have lost and sometimes we do not come on top as we should. Now that we are in playoffs I plan to work just as hard and enjoy one last ride with my team.

Q: Any advice for a softball beginner?

A: Continue working hard and play even if you think you aren’t that good. Over time you will improve, I’ve experienced it so I would know.

Q: One thing you wanna say to your current teammates?

A: I hate Y’all but I love Y’all. We all understand this, it’s a little inside joke from softball. We know each other well to feel the full effect. I loved playing with each one of y’all and I will cherish every game.