Senior softball girls play last game on home field

Senior softball girls play last game on home field

Abril Arrezola, Staff Writer

The Lady Lions played their last home game on April 10 against Elkhart. Although these girls did not come out on top, they definitely played their hearts out.

“I honestly played the best I could, not only because it was senior night, but because it was also my last high school game,” senior Kiley Persons said.

It was a very exciting game. The spectators were on their toes in the packed bleachers because of how close the game was almost throughout every inning. The game was tied nearly all the way up until the fifth inning. 

“The fans were screaming, everyone was excited and pumped up,” junior Lizette Aguilera said. “I have never been to a softball game and seen the fans so excited and loud. I was actually sad that it was the last home game, but the girls did a really great job.”

Considering that the team was not complete, the girls managed. Some of the girls were not in their usual playing positions, and yet they did the best they could.

“I normally play center-field and playing second base really had my heart pumping, and I don’t think I have ever stopped a ball hit that hard at me,” senior Abril Arrezola said.

The Lady Lions Softball will have their last district game in Frankston this Friday at 6:00 p.m.