Blood bath at the World Cup?


Andy Miranda, Staff Writer

The world cup is a tournament played in a different country every four years. This year the tournament is going to be in Russia with 32 teams playing. But like every sport, rivalries ruin a game that is trying to play clean. In this case, Russian thugs have threatened English fans, going to Russia for the World Cup, to “Prepare to Die”. Using VK, an alternative to Facebook in Russia, ”Russian hooligans” as their group name is called, have posted many threats to the Three Lions soccer team, or England as a country.

The ”hooligans” have pledged to ”unleash hell” during the World Cup. One user said, ”OK-You want war then you will have it. Fighting is in our blood-This June we will do more than just sing.” Authorities have now told English fans to ”think twice” before going to the World Cup this year.

The rivalry supposedly started in the Euro, UEFA European championship, of 2016 held in France when some English and Russian fans had a clash in Marseilles. According to CNN, at least 31 people were injured during the brawl, but French authorities were able to stop any further injuries.

But the fighting is no longer just at soccer games. Earlier in April, some masked hooligans were posting on Facebook pledging to cause severe bloodshed. Their threats read: “Milosz was first, and whoever’s next in line, the Young Crew will cut your hands off.” Plus, an 18-year-old was attacked, by at least 10 masked men, who wore Wisla Krakow symbolic clothing. The police are now using the Facebook threat as potential evidence in the murder investigation.

Now the problem will be in Russia, will Russian authorities be ready for these rivalries? The World Cup will start on June 16 and end on July 15, 2018.