Student At The March

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Student At The March

Hank Johnson, Staff Writer

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*The views of this writer do not represent Teague High School or Orange and White News*

Recently I had the honor of attending a “March For Our Lives” march this past Saturday on the 24th. It was a humbling and an amazing experience.

Around 10:30, I left my house with a nervous tingle running through my bones. I had never done anything like this before and I didn’t know what to expect. When I arrived at the city hall around noon I was shaken to my core, no one was there, the square was empty. Lucky for me I saw a few people heading to the other side of the building. I followed the people and once I rounded the corner I saw it, a sea of people talking and supporting each other. Some were chanting, some were just hanging out, and some were having a yelling match with the local hate preachers. Regardless of what the people were doing, it was an awe-inspiring moment. I wandered through the crowd to get a feel for not only the square but also what kind of protest this was going to be. Of course, they intended for this to be peaceful, but you can feel when a crowd’s intentions are all wrong. Thankfully, this crowds intentions were pure. Once we finally started marching, it was amazing. It was daunting to be alone in the march, so I made a few friends to march alongside and then we were off.


“Go Away N-R-A”

“Show me what Democracy looks like, this is what Democracy looks like”

They used “Dallas” and “Community” in place of Democracy


Once we rounded a few blocks, we looped back and came back to city hall. It was so incredible how many people were there. Once we rounded the few blocks, we ran into other protesters; so many people! When the thousands of people finally crammed into the square, we heard the stories of the student-led organizers of this march, stories of suicide, being held up and losing a close friend to a stalker with a gun, but one common thread between all of these stories is the need for proper gun legislation and control, these people were here to beg our politicians to help us stop people from shooting up schools just like our own.