Press Start to Play: Ready Player One

Declyn Shelton, Staff Writer

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Stephen Spielberg is a talented director and has done it again with Ready Player One. It’s a fun, enjoyable movie that keeps your attention throughout.

To describe it in a few words I would say geeky, fun, morally uplifting, and creative.

Tye Sheridan’s performance as the protagonist Wade Watts successfully captured a loner gamer who wants to live in the game world because his reality is disappointing. He does great at revealing the geeky personality in the character when delivering his lines. Olivia Cooke, co-protagonist, brought to life Samantha who is a rebellion member and enemy of IOI, the primary antagonist organization. She is definitely a talented actress who helped strengthen the story as a whole.

As a viewer, I found that the movie had a clear and strong plot that even those who don’t play games will be able to follow along. As a gamer, I loved seeing all the references to games of every genre and generation. I didn’t get lost or overwhelmed by the movie, but I wouldn’t say that it was the best movie.

However, the movie’s moral statement was a very interesting one: that you can’t judge people who make friends in games because those friendships are also real, and that reality is extremely important so don’t isolate yourself in games.

The book, first published in 2011, had seen a major upset in 2015 due to its argument on stifling creativity because the book taught that to be cool you had to take others work and originality was a second thought. In contrast, the movie did really well on not highlighting such ideals. It is a movie that should be watched simply for fun but is primarily directed at an audience that plays games.