From the Files: March 2018

March 7, 1942

Rules to Observe at a Party and on a Date

For the benefit of those young men in Teague High who are about to make their first date, the Orange & White has given space for a few of the most important rules to observe on a date or at a party. These rules are from the Etiquette Book made by the Boys H. E. class of the first semester.

Date Etiquette

  1. Deposit the girl safely inside her door before leaving her.
  2. Never expect a girl to go “Dutch” with you.
  3. Always call at the door for the girl.
  4. Ask for a date in advance.
  5. Drop a hint as to what you expect to do so the girl will know how to dress.
  6. Always assist a girl in entering and getting out of a car.


Party Etiquette:

  1. Never go to a party where you are not invited and ask someone to go somewhere else with you.
  2. Don’t go to a party where you are not invited.
  3. Don’t argue with anyone.
  4. Don’t be grippy if you don’t get the girl or game you want.
  5. Join in all the games as if you were enjoying yourself, even if you are not.
  6. If the party is in a private home, don’t go into rooms that you are not supposed to.



March 15, 1962

Let’s Accept Responsibility by Mary Greening

Few things are more important in our society than accepting responsibility and co-operating to get things done.

At a recent “chili supper” the Junior Class was put to a test. Would each individual accept just a little responsibility and try to co-operate with his group, or would he “avoid” putting forth any extra effort? The result was pretty much as usual. Only a few pitched in and worked. The money was to go toward a prom for the entire class, but the same ten or fifteen individuals who contributed food and cooked it, served it and washed the dishes.The majority of the class didn’t seem to care.

If this was an isolated happening, it wouldn’t be important, but it is not unusual nor isolated. Nearly everytime anything happens around THS a few do the work, and the lazy majority benefit from it.

The above mentioned “chili supper” was a success because those who participated worked very hard and co-operated together probably better than at any other activity this year. Think of what would have happened if everyone in the class had pulled their load! Twice or three times as many people would have attended and the prom would be paid for already. As it is, there will have to be more fundraising, and the same few will do the “dirty work.”

The root of the matter is laziness. Will you take the big step, shake off that “infernal laziness” and carry your load of responsibility?



March 2006

Who’s Who at Teague High: Mr. and Miss THS

Mr. and Miss THS is one of the most high regarded awards given by the school. After a teacher nomination of 5 girls and 5 boys, the candidates’ names go on the ballot that is given to the students. Not only does the senior class vote on this, but the entire student body has a huge say in the outcome. Royce Lawrence and Jessica Luke came out on top, however, and were given the title Mr. and Miss THS. After receiving this great award, the Orange and White interviewed Lawrence and Luke to see how they viewed this accomplishment and why they think they were chosen.

Lawrence has been involved in many things, including football, Student Council, National Honor Society, FCA, journalism, UIL History, and Junior Chamber of Commerce. He plans to attend Texas A&M University to major in Microbiology.


O&W: How does it feel to be Mr. THS? Do you think it was an accomplishment?

RL: I don’t feel any different. I guess you can say it was an accomplishment. I mean, it’s not really something I strive for, but it’s an honor to receive.


O&W: What was the suspense too much while you were waiting for Ryan Mathison to announce Mr. THS?

RL: In a way it was, but I was able to handle it. I was surprised when my name was called.


O&W: Why do you think you were voted to be Mr. THS?

RL: I think most of them had to do with my friendly personality. I try to be nice to everyone and like to talk to my classmates.


O&W: Would you like to thank the student for voting for you?

RL: Yes, I would like to thank you guys for not only voting for me, but for being great friends. It means a lot to me.


Throughout high school, Luke has participated in many activities including National Honor Society, Teague 4H, journalism, UIL extemp. speaking, and a job at Pharmacy Plus. She plans to attend the University of Oklahoma in the fall of 2006 to student Pre-Dentistry.


O&W: How did it feel to have your name announced as Miss THS 2006? Were you surprised?

JL: It felt great to hear my name called Friday night. I really couldn’t believe that out of all the girls standing next to me, I would be chosen.


O&W: Do you feel that this is an accomplishment? In what way?

JL: I really don’t think that this was an accomplishment, but more of an honor. I don’t feel I’ve gone out of my way to receive this. To be the girl out of our whole student body to get this award was definitely an honor.

O&W: Why do you think you got the student body vote?

JL: I’m really not sure why I got the student body vote. I always try to keep a good attitude and respect everyone around me. I just really appreciate everyone who voted for me.