Parks shows success at State power-lifting meet

Jazmin Morales, Staff Writer

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Junior athlete Rebekah Parks has been working extremely hard in the classroom, but equally as hard in the weight room. Day in and day out, she has sought one goal: to return to the state power-lifting meet.

“I practiced for this since the middle of November, [getting to school] at 5:30 in the morning. It wasn’t until after football season that Coach Dickson moved practice up to 6:00,” Parks said. “A couple weeks before regionals, practice was moved to 6:30 and I practiced every morning except on game days for softball.”

Parks placed 2nd at regionals, with a total lift of 980 pounds, advancing her to the state meet. On March 17th, Parks competed at the state power-lifting meet and qualified for 6th place with a lift of 965 pounds. Hard work really does pay off, and Parks proved it.

“When I heard that I made state all I felt was pure joy. I have been working for this since November and it was my goal this year to go to state and push myself farther than I did last year,” Parks said.

Parks had a positive mindset and did not let anyone get in the way of her accomplishing her goals. Along with determination and hard work, her coach was also a big motivator for Parks.

“One [motivation] was Coach Dickson coaching me through all the power-lifting meets and helping me strategize through the lifts,” Parks said.

Aside from Coach Dickson, there is one other person who played a large role in Rebekah’s success: her late father, trainer Chris Parks.

“The other thing [that helped me reach State] was the determination to meet the promise I made to my dad last year. I was going to go back to state and chase for a medal.”

And she did just that.