Rising to the Podium

Who are the drum major candidates?

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Rising to the Podium

Declyn Shelton, Staff Writer

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Tryouts for the 2018-19 Drum Major and Leadership Team are to be held March 20th, and we have four juniors who are competing for the title of Drum Major of the Mighty Lion Band. The current runners are Jake Robles, Dasie Silar, Austin Taylor, and Jazmin Morales. They are pursuing a very challenging leadership position, so the O&W asked them a couple of question to see what their inspirations are, and how they foresee themselves as leaders.


O&W: Who and what inspired you to try out for drum major? 

Robles: Thalia Trinidad inspired me because she helped bring the band to where it is today and left a mark. I am interested in the leadership role; I want to lead us to success without being the center of attention.

Silar: I was inspired by Ashlyn Hayworth because she had fun while leading the band and getting to know each member. I am interested in pursuing a career in music and being drum major would provide great experience and I’ll be there to help the band grow.

Taylor: I am inspired by all those who have become drum majors, but my sister Meg Taylor is my main role model. She had two years of drum major experience and she knew the right place and right time to help others. I am inspired to lead the band and help its members nurture their passion.

Morales: I was inspired by Monica Guerrero because she lead and directed the band. I love marching season, and I want to be able to lead the band towards the future. I am qualified to become drum major and lead our band to its goals next marching season.


O&W: A leader is many things, so how would you describe leadership?

Robles: A leader always does the right thing and guides others to be the best they can be. If I could give a one word description, [it would be] determination.

Silar: A leader sets the example and standard for those to follow and they do the right thing no matter what. 

Taylor: A leader is someone who always does the right thing no matter if someone sees you or not, and a leader loves to help others. 

Morales: A leader does the right thing and makes the right choices at all times, no matter who’s around, or where you are. One word I would use to describe leadership is “influential.”