Ask Agatha: March 2

Agatha Moore, Staff Writer

Dear Agatha,

I’ve had my best friend now for about two years and we are super close! Lately though, we haven’t really talked at all. She just got her first boyfriend and spends just about all her free time with him. I understand it, but I am afraid that eventually we will be strangers. I miss my best friend. How do I talk to her about this without her getting offended?

Everyone knows losing a friend sucks, let alone a best friend! Sadly this happens everyday, everywhere. Growing up comes with growing apart from people you think you never will. No, I am not saying that you guys aren’t going to be able to become close again, but know that if it happens…It will be okay. Your best friend just got her first boyfriend, and that is so exciting for us young girls. Balancing boyfriends, friends and all the other life things is hard. I can’t speak for her, but most of the time when this happens it is because they are struggling with having an equal balance for all of their relationships. You have a voice for a reason, all you have to do is communicate! Take this advice into every relationship. Start with saying how you feel, explain why, and say how you’d like you change that.  Make sure to not yell, point your finger, or accuse them of anything. When you do this, they’ll only get offended. Don’t forget, they are human, too.


Dear Agatha,

Here lately I have been doing really well. The only thing that I can’t help but notice is that I am always down, despite having good grades, health family, and friends. All I’ve wanted to do is stay at home and be isolated in my room. I don’t want to become a hermit crab but it’s kinda hard when I am sad. I’m basically trying to say that it is the easiest to just go hide when I am feeling down. How do I break this cycle before I have no friends?

We all need a little alone time, but it is very observant of you to notice that it is gone over just “alone time.” As humans, we are very good at isolating ourselves when we don’t feel our best. Sometimes to hide our not so perfect side, maybe because we are embarrassed, but usually because we think we can deal with it by ourselves because we don’t want someone to have to deal with our bad days fearing we are burdening them.  Everyone needs a friend. You’re strong enough to feel it by yourself of course, but if you have a friend talk to them, that is what they are there for. I know all you want to do is stay in, but once you’re out and with people who care about you, you will wish you’d never ditched out on them again. They will understand you have your bad days, and if they are good friends they will do everything in their power to help. Even if that means coming to you because you don’t feel like going out. Just remember, despite the rut you’re in now…Everything will be okay.


Dear Agatha,

I just found out that someone I am very close to is possibly getting cheated on. I have no idea how to approach this or what to do! If I had proof, then nothing would stop me from going to tell them… but unfortunately I don’t.  Should I even bother?

You really are in a bad situation, but don’t worry. I personally would say to them that you found this out and, although you don’t have proof, you wanted to inform him or her what you have been hearing. He or she can choose to do whatever they want with this information and at least this way you’ll have it off your chest. Keep it short and sweet.