Lions conquer win against Rice in first playoff game

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Lions conquer win against Rice in first playoff game

Jazmin Morales, Staff Writer

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Finishing district with a record of 15-7, the Lions are working hard and are on the move to continue to take care of straight business in their playoff games. Tuesday night, the Lions defeated Rice in their first playoff game of the season; with a score of 58-56 at the Corsicana High School gym.

The first half of the game the lions transitioned well and smoothly, and were up a 16 point lead. Then 4th quarter hit the players mentally. The lions almost had to exit the road to state too soon.

“We executed our game plan perfectly during the first half and were up big,” junior Mychal Shed said. “Then fatigue and mental tiredness started to creep in on us early during the second half. We lost the mental battle, and it almost resulted in us having an early playoff exit. However, we pulled together as a team and pulled out with a win.”

The lions still conquered victory, even with having a battle within themselves. They are blessed they have another chance to do what they love.

“We are a better team than what we show cased that game. I just thank God we survived another game and get another chance this Friday at MCC against Hearne,” said senior Rodney Kuykendall.

Being humble, pushing each other to be better, and working hard in the gym is what the boys plan to continue doing to pursue their goals for this season.

“I know my teammates (brothers) and I will have to keep working to get to where we want to be, and that is in a state championship game,” said junior player Isiah Bell said. “Not only go to state, but TO WIN IT.”

Playoffs are very competitive and are a great sense of accomplishment when winning. Even if a team wins by a ten points, or maybe one; a win is a win.

“It feels good to be able to stay alive in the playoffs and advance onto round two,” said Shed. “A win is a win.”