Ask Agatha: Valentines Edition

Agatha Moore, Staff Writer

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Dear Agatha,

Is it messed up to date your best friends ex?

As much as I would love to say that this question was as simple black and white, it is far from that. Every situation is different and everyone has different boundaries. For instance if your best friend has moved on from that ex and is now in a happy relationship, she may not even mind that you date her ex. It all depends, but most of the time people are not okay with people they associate themselves with dating their ex. It is kinda like an un-written boundary to stay away from your close friend’s exes. When you make a connection with someone and it ends, it hurts. When you finally heal, you will always feel some type of way towards them. So, my advice is… Talk to them! Communication is key, be civil and honest.

Dear Agatha,

My girlfriend is graduating high school soon and afterwards will be going away for college, do you have any advice on how to keep close and strong in our relationship?

Congrats to her! This is a big step to start her own life, and I am sure she is so excited. As they say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but only if you put in the effort! As long as you make time for your girlfriend, and your girlfriend will make time for you, you guys will be fine. So basically, if you guys want this relationship enough it will keep strong and maybe even get better.

Dear Agatha,

I want to go to prom with someone and I know who I’d like to take ,but I don’t have any plans of creative cool ways of asking her. Do you think you have to have a prom proposal for them to say yes?

There are some really cool ways to ask someone to prom and that is super cool…But in no way does someone have to have this elaborate, big way of asking someone to prom for them to say yes! Even if you want a small way of asking them you could get more a simpler way of asking on Pinterest. But technically all you have to do is ask politely and hope for the best. Good luck!