I Should Be Watching Something Else: The Bachelor, Episode 5


Marissa Villa, Staff Writer

To the Bachelor fans, this is for you.

This season has been awesome, and I love Arie! As usual there is that one girl on the show that we all realize needs to go home, but the bachelor doesn’t see it. This season, that woman is Krystal. Last Monday Krystal was claiming that Arie was a liar because he changed his mind about letting some of the girls come to the after party, and he still did not send her home! For people who do not watch, just know that Krystal is literally insane.

Bekah M. is my personal favorite out of the girls. Although she is only 22, fourteen years younger than Arie, the two have a great connection. Recently there was an article released about Bekah having a missing person report. Apparently, her mom filed it after not being able to reach her daughter; Bekah went on the show without telling her parents! After the article was uploaded, people also claimed she endured some plastic surgery.

“Lets play a game: Russian nesting doll or bachelor contestant?”, tweeted Bekah. When people started claiming that she had some plastic surgery her response was “I never got a freaking nose job, it’s called contouring people, look it up.”

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