From the Files: February 2018

Brooke Beasley and Ben Whitaker, Editors

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In our new  column, From the Files, we will be compiling articles from our old archives of the Orange and White. Each month, we will re-publish articles that were written in the same month, many years earlier. Previous articles published in the month of February are below.


Friday, Jan. 31, Teague High sponsored its annual Basketball Tournament in which the Teague team came out victor over the thirteen teams entered.

The Teague team, having beat Wortham, Fairfield, and Donie, was placed in the finals against Fairoaks. Fairoaks, in the lower bracket, had won over Palestine, Franklin, and Groesbeck. 

In the finals, Teague defeated Fairoaks by the narrow margin of 27 to 33. Members of the winning team are as follows: Raymond Gilmore, Joy Guyton, Kenneth Russ, Ray Dell Isham, James Howard Moore.

Between the Fairoaks-Groesbeck game and the final game the professional team, the Whiskered Wizards, form Michigan, battled Coach Bob Fowler’s Westminster College basketeers. The professionals won the game by a score of 36 to 32, though the Westminster team played well.

Teams entered in the tournament were Wortham, Freestone, Streetman, Donie, Kirvin, Fairoaks, Palestine, Franklin, Neches, Groesbeck, Mexia, Fairfield, Jewett, and Teague.  


Collardgreenisha, Ira Zistable, Candy May. These are the names of a few of this year’s Homegirl Pageant contestants. The stage was set, the auditorium was decorated, and the “ladies” were looking their “best” as they glided so gracefully across the stage last Monday night in an effort to win the crown, and the respect of being named Ms. Homegirl 2004.

Each contestant participated in sportswear, talent, evening wear, and interview competitions. The audience was hysterical as each “lady” showed her stuff by dancing and singing! Candy May Mathison shaved her legs on stage and showed her true love for the finer things. Zebonna took us back to the 80’s with her rendition of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin.” Anna Nicole Brantner did a racy number to the popular Moulin Rouge’s “Lady Marmalade.” 

Ira Zistable showed off her lovely legs in a pink tutu and leotard as she did interpretive ballet. Audience members found him quite “irresistible!” Sassy Mims, a little upset about her former man’s mooching, expressed her desire for a Sugar Daddy that could pay all her bills. Finally, Collardgreenisha did a peppy cheer, looking great in her four piece cheerleading uniform. 

All in all, every girl was fabulous, but the judges had to choose. Sassy Mims came in First runner-up, and Ira Zistable took the crown and now reigns Ms. Homegirl 2004. The cake auction also went well and, with admission, Op-Grad raised about $1300 for graduation night! Great job and thanks to all who were involved!