Ask Agatha: January 17

Agatha Moore, Columnist

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Dear Agatha,

Here lately I have felt worthless and like there is no point and meaning to my life. I hate to feel this way and I don’t even know why I do. Can you give me some insight to help with these thoughts?

At some point in our lives I think we all go through the feeling of being hopeless. My only advice is know that you are worth everything. You have are in this life for a reason and one day you’re going to fulfill all the things that you are meant to. Stay as positive as possible and just keep going.



Dear Agatha,

I want to start working out but I am embarrassed to because I am overweight and I worry that people will judge me. How do I get past this fear?

You are going in there to better yourself for you! Even if the people in there are unkind, you shouldn’t pay them any mind at all because you should know that you are doing great.



Dear Agatha,

I have been fighting with my parents lately and I hate that we aren’t getting along. Is there anything that I can say to them to resolve this?

Everyone fights and that is totally okay. Try to communicate with them and tell them how you feel in a calmly manner and after that hope for the best. Most likely your parents will understand and you guys will make up. They love you no matter what!