Senior Spotlight: Dillon Baggs

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Senior Spotlight: Dillon Baggs

Jazmin Morales, Staff Writer

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Dillon Baggs is a staff writer for journalism, a member of HHS and NHS, the Technical director for ‘Shrek the Musical’ , head of the shop for the theater program, and he also plays the role as a Knight Bishop in the musical. Along with that, he participated in band, being a section leader of the brass section and played the tuba for 3 1/2 years.

After Dillon graduates, he plans to serve in the U.S Navy. Dillon will have many job opportunities in the field opened up to him for scoring above median on his ASVAB.

“I decided to serve in the military to challenge and better myself, plus the benefits are pretty sweet,” Dillon Baggs said. “The military branch I chose was the navy, specifically for the selection of jobs. With my test score of 92, I qualify for everything. They offer jobs that are not only competitive in the military sector, but the private sector as well.”

Baggs is an intelligent, outgoing individual that is striving for a triumphant future.

“My goals for the future are to be successful in my endeavors, both financially, and personally,” Dillon Baggs said. “I want to be self-sufficient and well versed in many trades and practices.”

The effort he pours into his work shows through everything he does, motivating others, even his younger brother.

“He makes sure whatever he is doing is done right, and if it isn’t done right he makes sure it gets fixed,” Baggs’ brother, Dalton, said. “Dillon is a leader, not a follower. I’m glad he is my brother because he makes me strive to be just like him.”

Baggs’ brother is not the only one who notices the hard work that Baggs puts in. His previous English teacher, Mrs. Rodriguez, has seen the intelligence in him too.

“Dillon is a very intellectual student, a great writer, and has an introspect much different than most of his peers,” Rodriguez said. “He will definitely do great things in his future.”