Ask Agatha: November 7

Agatha, Staff Writter

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Dear Agatha,

How do I cope with feeling down?


The first and foremost thing you can do to cope with your sadness is to accept it. Accept that life is full of emotions, and you are supposed to feel this way. We are blessed to be able to get to feel all of these things, even if they don’t feel good at the time. This bad feeling you have will move with time. The second thing you can do to cope with your sadness is to find out why, and rationalize your feelings. Often us humans can be super irrational, and feel bad when we don’t have to. When you find out why you are sad, rationalize it if it needs be; the sadness will then be easier to deal with. You’ll know what’s wrong and eventually you will say to yourself, “Well, this is how I am feeling and I have to choose to move forward.” And you will move forward…I promise! You are stronger than you give yourself credit for. Remember, that no matter what happens, everything will be okay. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but eventually it will all turn out fine.


Dear Agatha,

I can’t seem to focus in my hardest class while the teacher is lecturing. I know I need to listen but it’s so hard! How do I focus better?

I completely understand! It’s hard to focus and follow along when the subject is difficult but it is possible! Personally, I like to move while the teacher is talking. It keeps me grounded enough to tune into what he/she is saying. For example, bouncing my leg, messing with my pencil, chewing gum and even squeezing a stress ball. As long as you don’t get focused on the movement this should help! If it doesn’t, try going to extra tutoring with the teacher alone. This way you’ll have no distraction. You’ll find a way to focus, don’t worry!