Little Lion of the Week: Adam Pitts

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Little Lion of the Week: Adam Pitts

Jazmin Morales, Staff Writer

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The Little Lion of the week is a second grader in Mrs. Welch’s class named Adam Pitts. Adam is a nine-year-old who loves school, playing sports, and his Xbox. He has been putting his ‘A’ game on in the class room by being kind among his teacher and peers, and showing progress in his daily work. Adam was chosen by his awesome teacher Mrs. Welch, to represent the Little Lion spotlight for this week.

“I nominated Adam because he has really stepped up his game, his light bulb comes on and he has been working really hard for me. He has improved in math very well.”

Some of Adam’s favorite subjects enable him to use his creativity.

“I like doing centers,” Adam said.

At those centers, they work on math skills. The centers give the students ability to use their freedom to work at their own pace and speed so they are able to be successful. The students have a choice of cutting and gluing problems, journalizing, puzzles, and using iPad’s. All centers are around the skill, and Adam enjoys learning and using his creativity among the centers. His favorite subjects include math, reading, and science.

“I like gym in free time, and playing basketball, football, and tennis with my friends,” Adam said. “I want to play football in high school.”

Adam is very active in the classroom, and in the gym. He enjoys what he does and plans to continue to do those activities. He plans to play football in high school and maybe some other sports along the way, along with improving even more in his academics.

“I want to work at the oil rig.” Adam said.

Adam plans to work at the oil rig after high school; he will be drilling and servicing an oil well at his future career.

Adam is a an outgoing little ray of sunshine. He is a good example of a kid who works very hard, and enjoys what he does.